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“Are you okay?” The importance of having an open-door policy

Leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure the wellbeing of their staff is being taken seriously. Often, many will think…

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Why investing in your employees’ mental wellbeing is good for business

Is investing in your employees’ mental wellbeing good for business? If you’re part of a business that is driven by…

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Five wellbeing books that will change your reading list for the better

There seems to be a new self-help book being launched every other day at the moment - but with so…

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How to spot mental health issues in the workplace

Our mental health is linked to our thoughts, our thoughts affect our feelings, and our feelings manifest our behaviour. People…

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We’ve teamed up with B&M Retail

We recently teamed up with one of the leading variety retailers in the UK, B&M Retail - to deliver mental…

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Welcome to My Airspace

A mental health third party support system for the aviation sector


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Training key employees in the workplace breaks down the barriers associated with the stigmatisation of mental health.

Companies who have trained their employees on the following three principles have seen a more effective work environment, happier staff,…

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Mental health is like a fingerprint – we all go through different experiences and different emotions.

This explains why: when two people witness a crime, the explanation of what happened from the two individuals will be…