Learn About Mental Health

Education is the first step when it comes to understanding mental health, others’ experiences and struggles, and how to break stigma and challenge harmful misconceptions. As leading experts in mental health and wellbeing, we are keen to share our knowledge with our audience to help them navigate what is an incredibly complex and multi-faceted world. Through our dedicated learning hub, you can find information about mental illness, what it’s like to live with a mental health condition, mental health in the workplace, as well as additional blogs and articles on a variety of key topics.

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About Mental Illness

Understanding mental illness can be challenging. Whether you are experiencing what you believe may be symptoms of mental illness, are concerned about the mental health of someone close to you, or simply want to learn more about the subject, our dedicated hub can help.

In this section, you can learn about conditions, symptoms and triggers, building up a holistic understanding of mental health. Click the link below to explore our content.

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Living With Mental Illness

If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, you may have additional questions about the condition, and what it means to live with it.  

Learning about the key points can be particularly useful, empowering you to better understand your experience. Whether you have questions about medications, treatment, feel isolated or want to know about how to access resources, we can help steer you in the right direction. 

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Mental Health at Work

Dealing with mental health issues at work can be a complex matter, no matter your age, your background or the industry you work in. From dealing with burnout, to coping with the challenges of remote work, to issues related to redundancy or changes at work, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

Red Umbrella is a leading specialist in workplace mental health, backed by a team of highly qualified and passionate experts. Together, we have put together a hub entirely dedicated to mental health at work, sharing our expertise to assist anyone who’s facing issues.

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Blogs & Articles

From exploring the issues behind the mental health crisis in the UK, to discussing new trends in mental health treatment, to highlighting mental wellbeing issues in specific industries, we have a range of insightful and captivating articles that are sure to enrich your knowledge of mental health and wellbeing.

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Want to Talk About Mental Health?

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