Employee Assistance Programme

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a scheme used in workplaces to help and support employees with any mental or wellbeing issues they may be experiencing.


The Current Struggle of Utilising EAPs

The current problem faced by the employer is that EAPs are notoriously underused, with employees not accessing support, which employers end up paying for regardless. Whilst these schemes have been around for a long time, a lot of modern EAP providers will claim to have a total wellbeing support solution for physical, mental, and financial issues; and offer incentives such as gimmicky apps, relocations, and rewards, such as discounted gym rates – they try to be the Jack of all trades, and don’t concentrate on just mental health and effective support.


EAP Providers

EAP providers also being profit-driven, naturally, hope that the services don’t get used, put a cap on the number of sessions for mental health being offered, and limitations on the types of support on offer. They also put pressure on the amount of payment and the time taken to pay the professionals that supply the services. 


We’re Here to Change the Way EAPs work

Our sister company Carecoins is here to change the way EAP schemes work; by making sure all employees who need help and support have access to it, whilst ensuring all support providers are paid a fair wage.

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