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At Red Umbrella, we provide mental health support services to a wide range of businesses, but we also provide industry-specific solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of different sectors.


Services and Training Tailored to Your Needs

From Mental Health First Aid training and aftercare through to employee assistance programmes, HR team training, e-learning courses and bespoke technology, we have developed a wide range of services for specific industries to enhance their mental wellbeing support systems in the workplace.

Our Services


Agriculture and Farming

From long and often antisocial hours, to sleep deprivation, coping with traumatic events such as adverse weather conditions and uncontrollable circumstances, loneliness, and physical health issues, farmers face many factors which can contribute to ill mental health. With many people experiencing barriers in accessing support services, Red Umbrella is here to help with tailored solutions.

Aviation and Transport

The environment in which people in this sector work is physiologically and mentally challenging. From frequently changing schedules, long hours, uncomfortable working conditions, jetlag, and the requirement of multiple high-pressure decisions, it can become mentally taxing. There are also personal stressors including missing out on family events and the inability to maintain relationships due to the demands of work. However, Red Umbrella has developed solutions to protect the wellbeing of pilots and transport professionals.

Automotive and Engineering

High pressure environments, tight deadlines, extended shift hours and physical strain and safety concerns can cause employees in this sector to feel stressed, anxious, depressed, and experience poor sleep which can impact them at work. People working in this sector often experience a lot of stigma and “macho culture” which can exacerbate mental health issues. To help reduce this stigma and support the workforce, Red Umbrella provides expert services and solutions that are tailor-made to the industry.

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