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Mental Health Consultancy

Mental health consultancy plays a crucial role in helping organisations develop, implement, and sustain mental health policies that benefit both employees and the business as a whole.


Our Experts Integrate into Your Business to Provide Professional Mental Health Advice

As part of our mental health consultancy services, we send our team of experts to deliver completely bespoke solutions, advising you on what to consider from a people and culture perspective, what mental health policies to go for and how to introduce them, and how mental health should be prioritised in a business culture.

Showing a commitment to mental health not only benefits employees, but also enhances your organisation’s reputation and performance. When businesses prioritise looking after the mental health of their employees, they experience reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.


Mental Health Policies Are a Business Asset

We can work with you to create a completely bespoke mental health policy. These policies should include clear guidelines on how mental health issues are addressed, provide support systems for employees, and training for both managers and staff. Red Umbrella helps organisations to design these policies, ensuring they are effective whilst aligning with best practices.

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Embedding Mental Health into Business Culture

To truly prioritise mental health, it must be seen as integral to the company’s values and operations. This means that mental health considerations should influence decision-making processes, leadership practices, and organisational strategies. For instance, leaders can set the tone by openly discussing their own mental health journeys and encouraging others to do the same.


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