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About Red Umbrella

Red Umbrella is improving the mental wellbeing of the UK workforce by working in partnership with businesses to deliver bespoke mental health training and support solutions.    

We are committed to helping employers create supportive working environments for their staff through effective mental health training and consultancy services. 

At Red Umbrella, we assist businesses in taking the right steps towards enhancing the mental wellbeing of their workforce. Our ethical and impactful solutions are aimed at changing harmful misconceptions, breaking stigma, and introducing solutions that truly make a difference – both to your staff’s welfare and your business’s.  

Why Choose Red Umbrella?

At Red Umbrella, we aim to build long-lasting, solid relationships with client businesses, truly helping them reach their maximum potential within workplace mental wellbeing – because we really do care.


Red Umbrella commits to transparency, honesty, and ethical practices, ensuring that all our actions solidify the trust our customers place in our business. Our company is built on the foundations of experienced entrepreneurs and backed by a proven track record, reflected in our high-quality offering.


Red Umbrella is agile and adaptive, ready to evolve our offering as key issues within mental wellbeing change over time. This commitment to continuous learning and flexibility ensures we seize emerging opportunities within the ever-evolving mental health landscape.

Genuine Care

Red Umbrella is devoted to the provision of genuine care to the users of our services, with ongoing communication and support being prioritised. We recognise the significance of genuine connections, and understand that mental wellbeing is a journey, not a destination. Red Umbrella are the only company that provides aftercare with all of our courses.

How We Empower Businesses: Our Services

We provide qualified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to organisations like yours through a highly effective 2-day course delivered by mental health experts.  

But our work doesn’t finish there: we are the only provider in the UK to offer vital aftercare and support, free to every delegate for an entire year after the course is complete. No AI, no apps, no digital, just person-to-person care and support for an entire year after the course is complete. 

We provide a range of other services for businesses including bespoke training and consultancy, specialised courses, employee services, webinars and much more.

Red Umbrella empowers businesses by helping them with the creation of a supportive and resilient workplace culture. Our bespoke training and consultancy services are tailored to address specific organisational needs, ensuring that your team receives targeted guidance and support. From specialised courses to ongoing employee services and interactive webinars, we equip your workforce with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.

Who We Work With

At Red Umbrella, we have formed partnerships with a number of leading businesses, helping them build robust workplace wellbeing solutions for their workforces.

Workplace Mental Health Events

Visit our dedicated events page to see a list of upcoming virtual and face-to-face events on a range of topics within mental health and mental wellbeing at work.  

Whether you are interested in learning more about improving the mental health culture in your organisation, or simply want to enrich your knowledge of mental health, there’s something for everyone. 

Red Umbrella Has Already Changed the Lives of Employees Across a Range of Businesses

We have already helped a number of businesses across the UK to improve staff mental wellbeing and build a happier, more loyal and productive workforce.


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