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Our Impact

Red Umbrella has been supporting businesses with the wellbeing of their employees for over nine years, creating supportive environments to help protect the mental health of individuals across the UK.

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Delivering Leading Mental Health Services

Red Umbrella is the go-to destination for leading mental health support services, from Mental Health First Aid training through to webinars, HR training, leadership training and bespoke solutions. Our clients have used our services for years; a testament to our quality of service and solutions.

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Backed by Our Mission

All our services are backed by our wider mission and fuelled by the personal experiences of our team and the expertise of our trainers and therapists. Our clients experience this firsthand through the solutions delivered to them.

Supporting Specialist Industries

We work with businesses operating in specialist industries to deliver bespoke support for mental health.
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Agriculture and Farming

With a deep understanding of the impact careers in this sector can have on an individual's mental health, we’ve ensured to provide fully tailored support solutions that address the needs that are prevalent in this industry.
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Aviation and Transport

High pressure environments can have a negative result on an individual's mental health, as well as physical, and so we’ve created custom levels of support to protect the wellbeing of pilots and transport professionals.
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Automotive and Engineering

Individuals employed in this sector face tight deadlines and pressures, and often work in environments where it’s not common to talk about your feelings. To address this, we work with businesses and individuals in this sector to provide specialised solutions.

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Along with our specialist industries, we’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses in all kinds of industries, sectors and markets to deliver comprehensive mental health support solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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