Mental Health Webinars

At Red Umbrella, we have developed the most comprehensive and interactive mental health awareness webinars with our in-house team of therapists and with our years of feedback from our clients.


Flexible Webinar Delivery Options

You can choose from over 50 webinars that can be delivered in 60 minutes or can be grouped together in groups of three to form a half-day session. However you want to receive your webinars, we can find options that work best for you and your business's needs.


Specialised Webinars for Specific Industries

We have provided webinars for industries such as aviation, hospitality, construction, tech, I-gaming, sports, call centres, banking, farming, Blue Light services, health sector, charities, automotive, and care workers, to name just a few.


Additional Support Provided

Our online webinars last one hour and include a Q&A discussion and signposting to relevant Employee Assistance Programmes. Employees of organisations who have purchased Carecoins will have access to immediate support following the webinar, should they need it. 

Discover Our Webinars

We provide a wide range of webinars covering key topics in the mental health landscape to provide attendees with useful and topical information on the areas they wish to learn more about. Discover some of our existing webinar themes below!

Mental Health & Lifestyles

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Mental Health & Self-Esteem

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Mental Health & Work

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Mental Health Conditions

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Other Mental Health Topics

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Why Choose Red Umbrella for Your Mental Health Webinars

With our years of experience in the sector, backed by our team of fully qualified trainers and therapists, we’re perfectly placed to provide industry-leading mental health webinars.
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Key Mental Health Topics

Our webinars, whether pre-set or bespoke, have been designed to cover a breadth of key mental health topics to ensure attendees are equipped with vital information to help them better understand all areas of mental health.
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Curated by an Expert Team

Curated by an expert team from our group of 80+ therapists and expert trainers, and drawing from the personal experiences of Managing Director Tim Ladd, our webinars are fully comprehensive and designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical tools to enhance your wellbeing.
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Empower Your Workforce

Mental health webinars are ideal for workforces looking to support the mental wellbeing of their employees, providing them with crucial information on how to manage their mental health and what to look out for in others to create safe and supportive workplace environments.

We are here to help! If you don't see the course you are looking for, we will make it.

Our current webinars cost from as little as ten Carecoins or £300 per webinar (unlimited access for all employees – we’ve had eight people to over 3000 attend a webinar), but we’re also happy to develop webinars that are relevant to different organisations and their specific requirements, which would start at 12 Carecoins or £360 per webinar. In addition to a bespoke webinar, we would also include a live recording in the price, so that all of your staff can access the material at a time that’s convenient to them.


Get in Touch with Red Umbrella Today

Do you have any further queries regarding our mental health webinars? Please reach out to the Red Umbrella team by using our online contact form, calling 0300 002 0061, or via email at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to advise you further.