At Red Umbrella, we have developed with our in house team of therapists, and our with years of feedback from our clients, the most comprehensive and interactive mental health awareness webinars.

You can Choose from over 50 webinars that can be delivered in 60 minutes or can be grouped together in groups of three to form a half day session.


We can also develop completely bespoke webinars on request. Many clients face very individualised challenges specific to the industry they are in, these industries require different approaches and not a one glove fits all.

We have provided webinars for industries such as aviation, hospitality, construction, tech, I-gaming, sports, call centres, banking, farming, bluelight services, health sector, charities, automotive, care workers, to name just a few.


These online webinars last one hour, and include a Q&A discussion, and signposting to relevant employee assistance programmes. Employees of organisations who have purchased Carecoins will have access to immediate support following the webinar, should they need it.

Our current webinars cost from as little as 10 Carecoins or £300 per webinar (unlimited access for all employees – we’ve had 
8 people to over 3000 attend a webinar), but we’re also happy to develop webinars that are relevant to different organisations and their specific requirements, which would start at 12 Carecoins or £360 per webinar. In addition to a bespoke webinar, 
we would also include a live recording in the price, so that all of your staff can access the material at a time 
that’s convenient to them.


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