We are the only provider including human to human support and care for MHFAiders, no apps or AI here.

If you choose Red Umbrella to supply your Mental Health First Aider training, your employees will receive a comprehensive aftercare and support package free of charge, for one year.

However, even if you used another provider for your staff training, you can still get access to our acclaimed aftercare for your MHFAiders. A small fee will apply.

Our comprehensive support package includes as standard

  • Access to our trainers, and BACP therapists for one year – this for advice or even when overwhelmed after speaking to a colleague within your MHFAider role.
  • Support packages can include on request
  • Group MHFAider support sessions
  • MHFAider forums and up-skilling

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We provide expert MHFAider aftercare to a range of companies

Find out what some of our clients have to say about our comprehensive training and support package, and how it’s benefitted their employees.

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Firstsource support wellbeing in the workplace via our homegrown initiative.

The objective of Fitsource is to ensure we are implementing a global plan ensuring the wellbeing of all employees, making sure they have support and encouragement when needed, and time to spend focussing on their own wellbeing. We aim for consistency in our approach across all of our sites, so that everyone’s wellbeing is impacted positively.

Through the launch of Fitsource, our original outcome has been achieved, seeing an increase in workforce engagement, reduced sickness and attrition across our sites. We have adapted throughout the journey as we took on learnings and feedback. We started on a small scale, not fully understanding the importance and impact of good mental and physical health. As we started  the initiative, we saw varied results, and received feedback and witnessed developments in the wellness field. Fitsource is continually being adapted and developed.

In 2018, MIND released the statistic that 1 in 4 people in the UK is affected by mental illness. We had observed an increase in the number of return to work forms with poor mental health stated as the reason for absence. Following a little research, we decided we needed the initiative to encourage mental and physical wellbeing to help support our workforce.

Part of our mission statement at Firstsource is to enrich the experience for our employees. It’s important to us that our people are coming into work happy, and excited for the day ahead and all that it brings. Fitsource was born to support our employees’ wellbeing.

We have trained first aiders to support employees medically in times of crisis. A crucial part of our Fitsource rollout was ensuring that we had ample people certified in Mental Health First Aid at each site. We deployed posters, and used our internal communication medium, to make staff aware of who they can turn to should they need support. At this time we used a number of suppliers to deliver our MHFA training, one of which was Red Umbrella – the feedback received from attendees was second to none. Red Umbrella training was very detailed in all areas, and as the trainers have also dealt with mental health issues in the past, this brought the training to life – so much so, that the insight to mental health armed our Fitsource Champlain’s to deploy with ease.

The difference in service that Red Umbrella offers is the aftercare of a Trained Counsellor, which other providers didn’t offer. This meant that if the team had to deal with any crisis, there would be someone over the phone to support any time of day or night. We used counsellor services in the past through our medical insurance at Firstsource, but we had to wait for a counsellor to call us back, whereas Red Umbrella are always at the end of the phone at the time we need. We also noticed that if an MHFA needed support themselves after dealing with extreme cases, Red Umbrella came to the rescue and supported their own wellbeing.

Due to the amazing service received from Red Umbrella, we decided to partner with them as our partner of choice, and have run an additional three courses along with our next one being delivered next week at our office in Northern Ireland. Red Umbrella also took MHFAiders trained by another provider under their wing, and offered the same service as if they were trained by them.

In the UK and NI, we have 1 MHFA for every 48 Firstsourcers. Red Umbrella supports all the team to a very high standard. Without Red Umbrella, we wouldn’t be as ahead as we are with breaking the stigma around mental health. On World Mental Health Day, we had 38% of Firstsourcers attend work who knew they weren’t feeling their best that day. This is because we offer a safe environment based on the education and support Red Umbrella gives us.

Massive thank you to Tim and Manuela for all your support so far and ongoing.

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The Mental Health First Aider training has really helped me better understand how to approach a conversation with someone that is battling with their mental health. It’s not about being the person that can fix things, but to be there to listen to them without judgement and help them access the various forms of assistance available to them.

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Training as a Mental Health First Aider has given me the structure and confidence to build on existing skills and to be a point of contact for advisors experiencing difficulties. It is quite humbling to have advisors approach me knowing that they are placing great trust in me, sometimes sharing things for the very first time.

Ian Young, MHFA and Development Specialist, Derby

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The role of a Mental Health First Aider really opens your eyes to the issues faced by our people. Thankfully, there is more discussion around mental health awareness these days, and the taboo that once surrounded it is now in decline as people open up about their concerns.

My advice to anyone who is thinking about talking to a Mental Health First Aider, is to go ahead and do it. Don’t overthink it as you will likely talk yourself out of it eventually.

If you’re considering becoming an MHFA, know that the role is a heavy one, but rewarding.

Just ensure that you are maintaining your OWN positive mental health practices too. Self care is key. Make sure your routine contains some things that you enjoy, and that actually make you feel good.

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We offer both the accredited QA Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (RQF)