The role of HR has become significantly diversified in recent years. “Human Resources” now encompasses elements of employee wellbeing, mental health awareness and support, signposting and other aspects of our employees physical and mental health. It’s no wonder that a recent study showed that 79% of HR employees experience unhealthy levels of job stress (Perkbox, 2022).Having an understanding of mental health can help in a HR role, but what is often not taught is how to manage your own mental health, prevent vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and how to set healthy boundaries around your role so you don’t end up experiencing burnout. That is what this short course is designed to do. In it we will be looking at:

  • The challenges and risks to mental health from the human resources role
  • Compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Why healthy boundaries are important (and how to set and hold them)
  • Effective use of signposting, and what to do when someone becomes attached to your support
  • Self care for you as a member of HR

The course is ideal for anyone in the HR sector, or for those team leaders who may find themselves covering a lot of HR responsibilities