What is an EAP?

The current problem faced by the employer is that EAPs are notoriously under-used, with employees not accessing support, which employers end up paying for anyway. Whilst these schemes have been around a long time, a lot of modern EAP providers will claim to have a total wellbeing support solution for physical, mental, and financial issues; and offer incentives such as gimmicky apps, relocations, and rewards, such as discounted gym rates, they try to be Jack of all trades, and don’t concentrate on just mental health and effective support.

EAP providers also being profit-driven, naturally, hope that the services don’t get used, put a cap on the number of sessions for mental health being offered, and limitations on the types of support on offer, they also put pressure on the amount of payment and the time taken to pay the professionals that supply the services.

How Carecoins
is very different

Our sister company Carecoins is here to change the way EAP schemes work; by making sure all employees who need help and support have access to it, whilst ensuring all support providers are paid a fair wage.

Head over to Carecoins here

  • Free matching service to the correct therapist.
  • Don’t charge employers for any periods of non-usage
  • Let employers decide on the amount of sessions and support they pay for
  • Fair wage policy for Therapists
  • Empower Mental Health First Aiders, so they can effectively support their colleagues
  • No monthly or yearly charges

Why choose Carecoins as your EAP provider?

By choosing Carecoins, your employees will have access to all the support they need, with no cap on usage – and you can rest assured that the dedicated professionals who are providing the support are paid a fair wage.

To find out more about the EAP scheme, and see if our sister company Carecoins is right for you, simply head on over to their website.

Visit the Carecoins website

Why choose Red Umbrella

Unrivalled help and support

From a dedicated support line, to monthly check-ins, access to therapists and more, we care about every single one of your first aiders.

Accredited training courses

Our courses are fully recognised by accredited companies, and are delivered by mental health experts, so your colleagues are in safe hands.

Fair and equal prices

Whether you want to send your colleagues on an MHFA course, or invest in an EAP, you won’t be out 
of pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Carecoins so unique

    Carecoins is a pay as you need, fully comprehensive platform for direct access to everything mental health for your employees, unlike EAP’s you are not paying for non usage, you are not paying any extra fees, your employees can carry on with the same therapist either with a voucher supplied by your company or financing themselves.

  • Is Carecoins an EAP

    Carecoins does offer employee assistance in regards to everything mental health, but carecoins does not have the limitations, or expense, or paying for non usage, or the impersonal feel of traditional EAPs.

  • What is the cost of a Carecoin

    Carecoins are really transparent, they cost £30 each and one care coin will get you one session with your matched therapist. Please head over to www.carecoins.co.uk