Build your own MHFAider Course

Looking for that personal touch?

Off the shelf mental health first aid training can be great, but what if you have certain needs or challenges in your organisation that aren’t met by a one size fits all approach to mental health? You want something specific to you, but still want that quality training that your employees need. That’s where our build your own courses come into their own. It also enables you to give your employees access to the only three day mental health training available in the UK.

  • Choose your course
  • Choose your facilitator
  • Add your industry specific day
  • Choose online or face to face
  • Choose your dates

Start with your base course

Red Umbrella Mental Health Responder

21 CPD hours

Level 2 and 3 Ofqual accredited mental health training

Equivalent to AS level

Mental health awareness training for managers

CPD for 4 – 7 hours

MHFA ENGLAND -half day,one day and 2 day courses

Equivalent to AS level

Bolt on your industry specific day

Once you’ve decided on the type of of course you want, the facilitators, online or face to
face, and of course the dates, there is one more very important bespoke option for you to consider. We can’t alter the syllabus of the half day, one day, two day accredited courses, but once your qualification is achieved, we can offer you a bespoke industry specific day that is CPD recognised.

This is important because we now can spend the day talking about your specific industry and the challenges for mental health within in it. Our team will listen to your specific challenges you face within your business, we will get a cross section of viewpoints from executive management and employees, HR and existing MHFAiders.

Our team will research the statistics around your specific industry create a bespoke course with 7 CPD points to match your required outcomes. You can bolt on this day to any of the course we supply, and this third day can either run consecutively to the other courses or be arranged for another time.