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Mental Health Training Courses

At Red Umbrella, we are passionate about helping businesses create a culture and environment they can be proud of – and mental health training is an essential piece of the puzzle.

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Why Invest in Mental Health First Aid Training

A highly alarming mental health crisis is sweeping the nation, with around 48% of UK employees not having good mental wellbeing at work. 

We all know the benefits of having someone trained in handling a heart attack or another health emergency at work, yet many businesses fail to provide the same level of support for those experiencing a mental health crisis.   

Mental Health First Aid training is an extremely effective resource, empowering trainees to identify early signs of mental health issues and ensure individuals are guided towards the appropriate resources or professional help.  

Offering this resource complements a workplace culture that prioritises mental wellbeing, showcasing this vital commitment to both existing employees and potential new hires. 

Red Umbrella offers both the accredited QA internationally recognised Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (RQF), and we also have a dedicated team of MHFA England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland independent instructors that can deliver the MHFA England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland courses. 

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Suicide First Aid Training

In any workplace, having trained individuals capable of recognising the possible signs of suicidal behaviour and guiding people towards appropriate treatment and support is nothing short of essential. 

Our one-day course is the equivalent of a Level 4 NQF, and is available for all members of staff. No prior knowledge or qualifications are needed – just a willingness to learn and help others who need support.

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Training Solutions That Yield Results, Delivered by a Team Who Cares

Red Umbrella can help you take the next steps to a better future for your organisation. Talk to our mental health experts today to discover the numerous business benefits of mental health training for your staff.

Invest in Mental Health Training and Witness Tangible Results