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How Can We Help You?

We provide expert advice and practical guidance on:

Finding TreatmentFinding Treatment
Finding Treatment
Day ProgrammesDay Programmes
Day Programmes
Bespoke CareBespoke Care
Bespoke Care
Relapse ServicesRelapse Services
Relapse Services
Family SupportFamily Support
Family Support
Intervention HelpIntervention Help
Intervention Help
Assessment NeedsAssessment Needs
Assessment Needs
Post-treatment PlansPost-treatment Plans
Post-treatment Plans
Self-help GroupsSelf-help Groups
Self-help Groups

At Red Umbrella, we know that the most effective treatment for eating disorders, depression, PTSD, anxiety and alcoholism is only available at a very limited amount of clinics. To ensure that you get the best care possible, we will only connect you with facilities that have very specific treatment programmes in place for these conditions.

Why have that conversation with us?

Our experience and advice is confidential and costs you nothing, except the time it takes to help you make the right recovery choice.

At Red Umbrella, our staff have first-hand knowledge of the all clinics we represent.

They have personally been in treatment at the facilities.


They have experienced the programmes we are offering.

They have worked in the clinics we offer in important roles.


We have experienced the treatment options, choices of private clinics, rehab centres and facilities that we represent, and they have been hand-picked by us for their excellent results and superior services.

  • We know these facilities intimately, and have witnessed the positive and life-changing results of their exceptional treatment programmes.

  • We only represent clinics, rehab centres and treatment facilities with proven outcomes.

  • We recommend only the best and most-effective treatment programmes.

  • We can arrange for you to have a guided tour of the facilities, so you can see for yourself before making a commitment.

  • We offer treatment facilities for all budgets, including bespoke options.

If you have Private Medical Insurance (PMI), we can help you plan what to do next. Our staff have been through rehab covered by private insurance and have worked at exclusive clinics that only deal with privately medically insured clients.

If you do not have PMI, we can suggest other effective treatment options that have been tried and tested by our team.


The clinics we represent

Although we only work with a select few clinics, we cater for all budgets and can offer:

Treatment for couples.

One-to-one therapy.

Dieticians and fitness facilities.

Proven treatment programmes.

Private accommodation.

Programmes for under 18s.

Access to WiFi, phones and laptops.

24-hour nursing, if required.

12-step and non-12-step group therapy.

Aftercare and long-term recovery planning.

It is important that your treatment does not begin with disappointment because this hinders your chances of recovery. You need to pick the right clinic for your individual needs, and we can help you make the right choice.

What next?

It’s YOUR recovery, YOUR Choice, but with OUR experiences and OUR connections YOU can make the RIGHT RECOVERY CHOICE.

Between us we have had great rehab experiences and terrible rehab experiences. We know that the recovery journey is hard enough without starting out with a wrong choice.


To make the right choice about rehab, it is essential that you know what we know. Don't make the same mistakes we have made, so call us now for a friendly and confidential chat.