The question should really be: what is the cost of not getting treated? At Red Umbrella we work with clinics that offer treatment options for all budgets – all it takes is for you to decide to get help and receive treatment.

Why life is the cost of going untreated

As we never know where someone’s personal journey or rock bottom will lead, we never know what the true cost of not treating someone will be.

Unfortunately, all of us have been witness to people in the public eye losing their battles with addictions, depression and eating disorders. And usually, whether the death was accidental or a suicide, their family and friends did not see it coming at all.

In recent times the world has lost many major celebrities, all of which had the finances and the contacts to pursue recovery, yet still their addiction or disorder directly or indirectly took their lives.

The ultimate cost of addiction, depression or eating disorders is, sadly, life.

Your own life, someone else’s life, or a life in prison.

For every one of the people in the public eye who lost their lives as a result of addiction, depression or eating disorders, there are thousands of others who have met the same fate – the ones we don’t hear about.

It costs nothing to use Red Umbrella

Your treatment costs will always be between you and the treatment facility you choose. We do not take any payments and we guarantee that you will only pay the clinic their normal weekly fees.

There are no hidden costs or fees no matter what treatment option you choose.

Contact us now on +44 (0)300 002 0061, or send us a message, to find out how we can help you work out the cost of your recovery programme.

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What are some of the other costs?

The potential costs of not getting help are: 

  • Significant financial losses – substance abuse can cost thousands on a weekly basis.
  • Loss of family home and inheritances through a gambling addiction.
  • Losing your driver’s licence.
  • A divorce – and the devastating effects on family and children.
  • Job loss, or a lack of career and an inability to work.
  • The cost of turning to crime.
  • The loss of all social standing.
  • Rapid deterioration of health, if not death. 

What are the financial costs of treatment?

The treatment facilities that Red Umbrella cater for all budget levels. Considering treatment within the private sector, including private residential treatment, can be a lot less than you think. 

We have treatment facilities with shared self-catering accommodation up to exclusive individual cottages with butler services. We pride ourselves on being able to offer packages for everyone and anyone needing help

In addition, if you have private medical insurance (PMI) you should be covered for the treatment we provide. We know because we work with all the major PMI companies.

We are here to help, whatever the problem.

Depression, Bullying, Anxiety, Gambling, Fear of Job/career prospects, Alcohol Use Disorder (drink at work and post drinking hangovers), Eating disorders, Panic attacks, Bereavement, Substances (illegal and prescribed), Bipolar, OCD, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD), General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder.

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