The Red Umbrella badge is worn to identify those who are mental health first aiders, so that you know it OK to approach them and talk about mental health.

The badge shows that the person has had the best training and also have aftercare and ongoing support in place for themselves too.

But did you know?

Carecoins community

All the money from the badges goes to Carecoins community to support amazing charities. The badges are slightly overpriced for this reason but they are exceptional quality
and we want the money to support those less fortunate with access to mental health services.

Find out more

  • You can order the Red Umbrella badge with Mental health responder 
or without words (just the red umbrella) or bespoke the badge 
with your own wording.
  • These red umbrella badges have been seen in many parts of the world and we hope if you see another person wearing them you’ll 
say a friendly hello and connect.

Buy badges

STD Red Umbrella badge
£5 each

Red Umbrella mental health responder
£5 each

Bespoke Red Umbrella badges
£5 each