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I spent 3 months preparing and getting our Health & Well-being collaboration with Red Umbrella signed off and up and running. Red Umbrella made this very simple, providing everything I needed for approval, whilst respectfully appreciating their client’s anonymity.
There has been a noticeable shift in workplace culture since their mental health awareness sessions. There is no more confusion or pushing from pillar to pillar when it comes to addressing an employee’s mental health issues. Red Umbrella have taken care of everything so far with no hiccups.  
I love what Red Umbrella are doing for employees and companies nationwide and fully believe this is the future.


HR Director

Red Umbrella put on a half day senior management training around Mental Health and good practice. I am really thankful for everything I have taken away from that very important day. It was the most engaging and practical training day I had attended since joining this company 10 years ago. I feel this new found perspective has enable me to communicate differently and helped me support my team achieve their potential.


Director North Yorkshire

I’d just like to take a moment to thank Lasse at Red Umbrella.
I first spoke with Red Umbrella after my Father died at the beginning of the year. On the ame day as calling, I was assessed and passed onto Lasse. I didn’t feel like a cog in a corporate machine, it was all very personal and I felt as if everyone I spoke to cared.
Lasse has really helped me through a difficult period of my life. I’d never tried something like this before and I have to say its saved me from a darker path.



My special thanks to Tim at Red Umbrella.
I called Red Umbrella on behalf of my sister who was suffering from Alcohol and cocaine addiction. My family were lost as to what to do next, our GP was not at all helpful and we reached out to various treatment facilities. All responses we got were sales pitches, with some of them calling me every day.
I was lucky enough to speak with Tim. He ended up talking to him for nearly 2 hours, even giving me advice on how to go about approaching my sister and other family members with this sensitive topic. It was a relief to hear he had been on the same path himself at one stage and that his own family had been through what mine was going through.
I was sent information and Tim arranged an informal visit to a treatment facility for my family. Even when my sister checked in and committed to the 28day program, Tim still continued to support myself and my family.
My sister ended up staying 7 weeks and, as of this testimonial, is engaged in the aftercare services Red Umbrella provided. It’s great to have my sister back well.
Thank you Team Red.



I was passed a card at work with the contact details for red umbrella. At first I was apprehensive around the anonymity due to HR handing out the cards. I had the anxiety that I worked found out, I may be marked! I called the number and explained my fears around this.

I had been suffering for quite some time with spates of depression and it had been affecting my work. Being on the road a lot, I felt lonely with little people to talk to.

I decided to call red umbrella. The person I talked to was very calming and assuring of the 100% anonymity. I can now say after 3 months of engaging with the services, its been really great. I started with twice a week phone sessions and now just stay in touch with my counsellor (I call him my life coach) when I feel the need.
I was in a position whereby I felt I had leave my job and so am grateful to Red Umbrella for all they did for me. Not just in work, but in life as well.


Sales Manager London

Red Umbrella are pioneering to de-stigmatise mental health in the workplace and I am pleased to be an ambassador for them. They have great intentions and I look forward to being a small part of their journey to inevitable success in their goals towards helping people with mental health problems.

Alan McGee

Founder Creation Records