Red Umbrella introduces Online Rehab

Red Umbrella staff have seen all sides of the rehab industry, we have worked at and consulted for several rehabs in the UK and our own individual journeys have seen us as clients in 17 different rehabs in Europe, based on all our knowledge and experience we are now offering this online rehab, that takes care of the most important parts of the residential experience without the cost.

Red Umbrella Brings Experience

With Red Umbrella online rehab we have used over 15 years of hands-on experience of actually being patients in 17 rehabs, working for and consulting for 4 rehabs. Our staff have a very unique understanding regards this and we only work with small groups to make the experience as effective as possible.

Rehab Online​

Much more therapy and support than residential rehab for much less cost.
The top complaints in residential and reasons for not going are 

Online Rehab vs Residential Rehab

Online Rehab

Time tables to suit your work and family mediation services for your work are also available.

Residential Rehab