3 easy highly effective steps

EFFECTIVE RESULTS FOR LESS COSTWith a reduction in stigma and a rise in mental health issues, more people than ever are talking about their mental health and wellbeing at work.

Red umbrella delivers 3 easy steps for a fully encompassing system that leaves you in control of the expenditure, only pay for services when needed, and get your employees and their families, Full time, part-time, freelancers, anyone that’s part of your company the expert support whenever they need it, and for as long as they need it.

If traditional EAP’s only have a 3-12% usage yet a minimum 25% of an average workforce experience problems that require expert support then somethings wrong and new effective approach is necessary.

1. Get awareness and training

Have your management and key staff awareness trained with our accredited 4-hour awareness sessions, or completely bespoke to your specific needs.

Aim for approx 10-15% minimum of your employees trained as accredited mental health first aiders known as MHFAiders, and make sure they are empowered and supported, this is FREE with Red Umbrella.

2. Give MHFAiders the support they need and empower them to effectively help your staff.

If you have completed step 1 with Red Umbrella as your training provider then all your MHFAiders are already supported, if not its time to get them the vital support they need and to empower them to actually support others effectively.

All of this is taken care of on the fully white labelled, Carecoins platform please take a few mins to watch the platform explained

3. Change your culture and work effectively.

Everything you will ever need regarding mental health for all your employees is already on the cCarecoins platform and provided by Red Umbrella, but furthermore, we always listen and look for what your company needs, we can create bespoke workshops and E-learning, peer support forums for any specific requirement.

We even set up a bereavement helpline within hours of a tragic incident for a client, anything at all you need just ask.

That’s it, your all set, no need to pay monthly or yearly set fees for services never used.

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