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Corporate sectors

Mental health does not discriminate. This is why our model and our training days work so effectively across many industries.

We understand no two work places are the same and so work hand in hand with your HR to come up with the appropriate protocol.

According to the heads together campaign, promoted by the Royal Family, 67% of people would talk about their mental ill-health to their family, 63% would talk to their friends, 12% would talk to their work colleague but only 3% would to talk to their HR team.

A mental health and well-being package will only be effective if its 100% anonymous. Even if its not well founded, there still is anxiety around reaching out to in-house solutions due to the unfortunate stigma.

For corporates, we offer our bespoke concierge service and our own unique spin on the traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Each of which goes above and beyond compliance, providing an effective solution to workplace mental health adn well-being.

Find out more about the rEAP and the Concierge Service.