About us

We’re Red Umbrella, the mental health experts. We won’t stop until every company treats mental health with the same importance as physical.

At Red Umbrella, we are all in recovery.

We all started out – probably like you are doing now – looking for answers to our individual problems. We spent time trawling the internet, reading lots of books, attending self-help meetings, making phone calls, and yet had no idea who we could trust, or what method, treatment or clinic could actually work for us. 

There seemed to be a lot of people claiming to do great things. Lots of clinics all saying they had high success rates and that their facilities were the best, and each different method or theory claiming to be the most effective.

Each of us experienced the same feelings of not knowing where to turn or who to turn to. And we're pretty sure this is how you could be feeling now. 

This is why we formed Red Umbrella, to be the people you can turn to for the right help – for genuine, independent advice that cuts through the hyperbole and the PR.

Between us we have been in a variety of facilities all over Europe, including many in the UK, and some of us have also worked in exclusive UK-based rehab centres. 

As a result, we have seen the implications of effective recovery from both sides.

The most constant and disappointing fact we have seen time and time again is that those seeking to get well are often promised all sorts of things to get them into treatment.

Sometimes small promises, sometimes much larger – and these promises have almost always been broken.

At Red Umbrella, we believe that your recovery should not start with disappointment and resentment towards the facility itself. This happens all too often if expectations are misunderstood and assumptions are made.


The result? A swift return back to the old stomping ground or therapy resistance. Sometimes it takes therapists valuable time just to get you to an emotional place where therapy can actually begin.

We make sure there are no assumptions, no misunderstandings and no broken promises. 

That way your therapy can start as soon as you are ready.

We formed Red Umbrella to stop people making the mistakes we made. We want to save you time, money, stress and increase your chances of ultimate recovery.

We actually have been there and seen it all, and we want to share our experiences and offer our advice so that you can make the right recovery choice and start a new life – one where you are happy, well and in control.