Post-treatment Considerations

We don't stop caring

Once your primary treatment has been organised, we don’t just stop caring for you and your long-term recovery. We know that primary residential care is just the start and that you may wish – and we strongly advise it – to move from a primary to a secondary treatment facility, or follow a step down or day-care option.


We can help to arrange all of this for you, and together we can create an individual plan detailing what happens next.


Letting us help you plan your treatment will help your recovery because:


  • The more connected you are to your treatment options, the better your chances for long-term recovery success will be.
  • We can help you decide what to do next, no matter what that involves, whether further residential treatment or step down options.
  • Your family will be taken into consideration and can receive support during your primary treatment and after.
  • We understand addiction, the treatment options and which choices will benefit you the most.
  • Sharing the load will reduce your stress and help you to feel in control of an effective recovery plan.

Let us help you plan your treatment so you know where and how you will be treated, every step of the way.


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