Family Support

Will my family be considered?

Family therapy is not usually offered by treatment centres. However, when supervised correctly by an addiction counsellor, it can help clear the air of past issues so that you have the support of your family network during recovery.


Red Umbrella represents clinics that offer family therapy, so that you can receive the best support possible during your recovery.

Addiction can cause families to break apart, shut down and fragment – they can become dysfunctional and painful to live in. Interrupted routines, frightening experiences and a stressful living environment take their toll on partners, parents, siblings, children and other family members.


Talking is key to the repair of an emotionally disconnected family. Processing the pain, the feelings of alienation and trauma felt is therapy for the family as well as the addict. Children who have been affected by trauma and addiction may need additional, specialist support.

We can advise you on what therapy is offered in each of the treatment centres we represent, so you and your family know the options before you get there.


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