Exclusive Treatment

Why we offer high-end exclusive treatment

At Red Umbrella we have often been asked why we choose to work so closely with treatment facilities that offer expensive, high-end treatment. After all, these particular bespoke and exclusive packages are, for most people, financially out of reach.


The answer is that we dedicate ourselves to finding optimal treatment for everyone that suffers from addictions and disorders in all price categories, and so this also includes those who have finance available for exclusive treatment options.


When fame and wealth is not enough


In our recent times, addictions and mental disorders have directly, or indirectly claimed the lives of many famous persons from the corporate world as well as main stream media celebrities. All of the individuals concerned had access to financial resources, friends and family, staff, for any kind of help they needed. But these addictions and mental disorders are so powerful that they even take those who are rich, famous and successful.


It is important that bespoke options exist for those requiring total anonymity, so that to the outside world it appears that nothing has changed.


We have dealt with people requiring these services and they, like anyone else, deserve the best treatment available to them.


Red Umbrella can offer treatment packages for personalities in the media eye or anyone that needs total anonymity, flexibility around treatment schedules and even complete individual bespoke options where the continued partaking of sports fixtures, filming, business meetings can continue whilst in treatment.


We have dealt with people requiring these services and they, like anyone else, deserve the best treatment available to them.

What does exclusive treatment include?


  • Complete individual one-to-one therapy. There is no group therapy and anonymity is assured.
  • Arrangements for your selected family, friends, business associates and even pets to visit or stay with you or close by.
  • State-of-the-art assessments, which take into account physical, psychological, biochemical, social and spiritual aspects.
  • No expense spared putting the results of the assessments into treatment reality.
  • Luxury accommodation in a stunning location where staff and individual treatments are carried out in comfort – you do not have to visit a clinic at all during the process.
  • Private fitness trainers and dieticians.
  • Access to leisure activities and staff services, such as a chauffeur, butler and chef.
  • Exclusive aftercare treatment after the initial stay is complete.
  • Translators also available.

We can advise you on the best exclusive treatment options for your particular situation. Contact us now on +44 (0)300 002 0061, or leave us a message.