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Working with with industry experts Skypeople, we have developed, proven solutions to reduce the effects of mental ill-health and substance misuse within the aviation workplace.

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Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Human Factors training have made good progress in reducing incidents and accidents in Aviation.

  • Communication skills
  • Confidence coaching
  • Leadership and management
  • CRM
  • Command selection preparation
  • Mentoring and mediation

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Working in collaboration with industry experts skypeople, our Head of Education has created training days specifically around sector needs. As well as being a CCTO working in partnership with many airlines, skypeople work closely and individually with pilots throughout all stages of their careers.

Together, with our expertise in Mental Health, we see the collaboration between skypeople and Red Umbrella as a route to successfully addressing the recommendations of the E.A.S.A report in conjunction with CAA guidelines.

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An aviation work force is spread over the globe and so presents a similar issue
to that of the logistics industry. In 2018, what better way to have people engage
in our services from a remote location than through an app?

  • Similar to the Professional Pilots Rumour Network – PPRuNe – there will be an
    open forum for discussing issues on an anonymous basis.
  • There will be videos on Mental Health and Substance Misuse created based
    around our training days.
  • Webinars could be held here and kept for future viewings.
  • There will be ways to access Red Umbrella’s help via the app.

With the app being so versatile, it can be bespoke to company requirements.

E.A.S.A Report Guidance

  • The pilot support system and the reporting system should be adapted for each
  • Mutual trust between flight crews and hierarchical structures of the operator is necessary.
  • Pilots need to be assured that mental health issues will not be stigmatised and
    concerns raised will be handled confidentially and appropriately.
  • Pilots will be supported with the primary aim to allow him/her to return to the
    flight deck.

By having one foot inside your company, and one foot out, Red Umbrella provide solutions to the points above. We are able to cater to your bespoke needs, accounting for organisation size and culture.

Trust in Red Umbrella

There are clear benefits to both the employer and employee when providing Red Umbrella’s bespoke support services. Above all Red Umbrella creates a proven support environment to enable the wellbeing of all those who engage in our services.

Red Umbrella is the sole market provider covering the E.A.S.A. recommendations to C.A.A. guidelines and B.P.S. Position Statements on Aviation Mental Health and wellbeing in an effective and 100% confidential manner.