Concierge Service

For a few pounds per head, per month, our unique to the industry concierge service includes all our on-site training as well as the appointment of Public Health England accredited Mental Health First Aiders.

The concierge package is suitable for companies who have some existing medical care - EAP's etc - in place for their employees and use this as a bridge to the existing services. In many cases we have worked together with other providers to find a workable solution.

There is no need to have to deal with multiple people or invoices, just us working together with your HR under one umbrella.


Our unique Concierge Service

The unique concept Red Umbrella has, is that we are able to take care of the entire issue of mental health in the workplace.

We offer multiple courses, making sure that HR have their designated mental health first aid officer, as well as an informed workforce with regards to gambling, mental health, addiction and drug/drink use at work.

Should a member of staff have an issue, we provide the assessment, diagnosis, appropriate treatment plan(even if residential is required, home detox, therapists, etc) and then the important back to work and aftercare.

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What's included in our concierge package?

Your company will have full access to Red Umbrella services, meaning the seamless process of: HR/Mental Health First Aider, Identification & passing on to Red Umbrella for Assessment, Diagnosis, Appropriate treatment and Aftercare.

Full MHFA (mental health first aiders) Training on site from our qualified MHFA instructor.
A course accredited by Mental Health England.

On site Assessment from our fully qualified Assessors (One from our team of hand picked Sociologist, Psychologists, Counsellors)

Diagnosis from our vetted and trusted specialists

Discreet application of appropriate treatment

Full aftercare and back to work concepts, and support

24/7 - 365 day a year support

And our Training & Awareness Workshops for all staff

Our training is broken into group days to suit your working environment and cover the following areas:

Substance abuse, including prescribed meds

Anxiety/Stress/Panic attacks



Eating Disorders

Racism, bullying, equality, discrimination



Smart Phone Usage

Social Media Usage

We are here to help, whatever the problem.

Depression, Bullying, Anxiety, Gambling, Fear of Job/career prospects, Alcohol Use Disorder (drink at work and post drinking hangovers), Eating disorders, Panic attacks, Bereavement, Substances (illegal and prescribed), Bipolar, OCD, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD), General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder.

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