How our hand-picked clinics can help you

The clinics we work with on an intimate basis have been hand-picked by us at Red Umbrella. Our choices are based on our personal experiences with them.


Whether your budget caters for economy comforts or first class, you will arrive successfully at where you need to go. The journey itself should be as comfortable, relaxed, safe and stress free as possible – and if you trust in us to guide you on this journey, you will be in the best hands possible.


Whatever you need for a successful recovery is important to us and we will help you get it, as we have options for every budget. Your time in rehab is often life saving and therefore the emphasis is always on the right treatment programme and the most effective recovery plan for you.

We are well aware that you want to see what recovery will be like and how it will look, from your room, to the exercise facilities to the bathrooms and grounds. Once we know which clinic is right for you, we will send you all the pictures you need – it is all part of our service.


The pictures we send are taken by us, with a nothing to hide approach and, of course, if you want a guided tour we will arrange that as well. In the mean time here is a taste of rehab across all the budgets we provide for.

We will tell you the truth about all the facilities and show you the reality with pictures. This way there will be no disappointments when you start treatment, giving you the best chance of recovery success.


Contact us now on +44 (0)300 002 0061, or leave us a message.