Why you don’t have to reach someone else’s rock bottom

Red Umbrella, 01/10/2014

Why you don’t have to reach someone else’s rock bottom


Are you putting off seeking help until you reach rock bottom? It doesn’t have to be this way – you don’t have to reach someone else’s rock bottom, or even your own, before regaining control of your life.


The addict will always compare themselves to others who are worse off. There is the old classic that no one thinks they are a real alcoholic until they are drinking out of a paper bag under a bridge – or that a few lines of cocaine are okay as long as they are not living in a crack house injecting.


It’s reassuring to hear about people who are visibly worse off than you.


There’s that poor guy who lost his job, then his wife and who smashed his car into the baker’s while drunk and now might be going to jail.


And what about that girl you used to see at all the parties – the one who died last week of an overdose?


Did you see in the news about the baby that drowned because her alcoholic parents didn’t supervise her in the bath?


Or the six year old who died of malnutrition because his mother needed the food money for her drug fix?


What about the girl whose vital organs gave up last week because of her eating disorder?


Or the ex-entrepreneur who had it all and now lives homeless after gambling it all away?


These stories, as real and tragic as they are, are all other people’s perceived rock bottoms – in fact, these people may still not have found their own, personal rock bottoms.


In fact all these stories do is deflect from the individual’s own problems associated with their particular addiction or disorder.


The amount you drink, use, gamble or eat and the fact that you are still managing to run your company, stay married or haven’t yet left home to live in the crack house, doesn’t mean that you won’t lose your business, get divorced and start squatting. This probably will happen.

The only guarantee, however, is that when addiction is left untreated it will get worse.

Untreated drinking, drug taking, gambling, depression, eating disorders and prescription medication abuse will intensify over time – as will your chances of losing the people and things you care out in your life.


Your own personal rock bottom, if you go that far, will shock you and everyone around you.


That is also a guarantee.


The rules around needing help are really simple. If your substance abuse, gambling, depression, eating disorder, PTSD, anxiety, gaming, has become unmanageable and is controlling what you do, then you need help.

If your behavior through these addictions and conditions is being dictated by them, then logic will tell you that the addiction or the condition will dictate how it ends.


And that will be your rock bottom.


If your rock bottom does not kill you or leave you unable to accept help, it still might be too late.


If you don’t believe us, watch this touching documentary “Drugged – High on Alcohol” and you will see an extreme alcoholic attempt to rehabilitate – and find out that his attempts are, tragically, futile.


Always reach out for help while you can still reach.


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