Football star suffering from alcohol addiction

Don't follow in this football star's footsteps

Red Umbrella, 28/04/2015

"Everywhere we go, people are treating him like a god. Everyone we pass wants to stop him for an autograph or a photo. For me, this is weird."


George Best's son Calum reveals a side to the Manchester United player most people are less familiar with.


It's the story of how a man, a hero to tens of thousands, wasn't able to be a hero to the one it mattered most to: his own son.


It's a story of love and disappointment. Of a father's struggle to be a father. And a son's struggle for a father. It's the story of how an alcohol addiction tore a family apart and robbed a son of his father.


It's a story lots of children would be able to tell.


Perhaps, you know someone whose story this is. Or perhaps it's your story.


It's a story that ends in a liver transplant and broken relationships. But it could have ended differently.


And your story can end differently too!


If you know someone whose story this is, or if you struggle with alcohol addiction, please get in touch with us.


There absolutely is a future - and it is bright! And we would love to help you reach it... Read more about George and Calum Best's story at


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